3 – 27 May 2012 / Artgalerim Nişantaşı

Semih Zeki - Tehdit

Semih Zeki uses nature and architectural construction together and examines the relationship of human with the nature, of which he is a part, and shows the deadlock that today’s people cannot realize, in a different way of expression.

The paintings, which are made with a strong infrastructure without losing the taste of painting, also carry clear indications of the artist’s sensitivity to the nature. The masses that appear in the foreground of the paintings also contain a dynamism and mobility within them. When we look at the deformation in the masses, we see that the artist approaches the figure with a new sensitivity. In addition, the effort to capture another dimension within the dimension in the spaces seen in the pictures is the best indicator of this. Although the paintings made with a structural and deconstructive attitude carry surreal traces, the audience will directly understand how the artist protects nature with his sincerity.

The paintings formed by the contrast between the natural and the unnatural production of the civilized man are the projection of the artist’s instinctive cry from his subconscious on the surface.

(From the press release)

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